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Music: A Manipulation Tool

I arrived at my house super tired. The traffic was terrible! So I decided to listen to some music with my headphones and relax a bit. I searched on my Spotify account... the most popular, the latest trends, and explored according to my tastes. Of course, my music is always in style!

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While I closed my eyes and let myself be carried away by the melody, I felt that strange connection with my inner self once again. A soft voice began to whisper in my mind, revealing hidden secrets I had never considered before

Don’t let yourself be controlled. 

– I didn’t understand. ‘Who is controlling me? 

– “The music that is showcased daily, and that most people listen to, contains messages that manipulate your mind and emotions, keeping you at a low frequency”

– “But they are just fun tunes,” I replied.

– “It’s not only the melody; it’s also the lyrics. They talk to you about sex, heartbreak, parties, and romantic relationships, keeping you in a state of compliance, preventing you from questioning the reality that surrounds us.” 

I was astonished to discover that we were being controlled without even being aware of it, but that voice continued:

– “The lyrics of those songs function like reverse mantras. You repeat them endlessly, influencing your energy and thoughts,” and thus, it concluded.

I realized that music was not just entertainment but a powerful tool of control. So, I started looking for alternative music with meaningful lyrics.

I opened my intuition, questioned everything, and discovered the power of music on consciousness.

“It’s time to wake up,” I told myself.”

Date: 15 Oct, 2023

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Yuly Manzanilla

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