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How to focus on god?

How to Focus on God? Through this spiritual narrative, discover the easiest way to achieve the focus you so desperately need.

It’s been a few days since I received that message about how not to worry, but I can’t seem to focus for long. 

To stop worrying about things that haven’t happened, I must keep my mind focused on good thoughts. Having faith that God is with me at all times is essential. 

But I wonder, how do I focus on God during the day? How do I focus on divinity when I see so many problems around me? 

I’m lying in my bed after a terrible day at work. I’m exhausted but I can’t stop thinking about how to achieve the focus I so desperately need. 

I close my eyes for a moment, feeling the oxygen entering and leaving my body. I wait a few minutes for my mind to calm down. I long to speak to that inner voice, that BEING that accompanies me everywhere and never abandons me. God… you’re here… I hear you: 


Focus on God not your problems 


“Repeat my name constantly, sing my name, recite the mantra of your preference, or make an affirmation that reminds you of your true essence. 

I am the universal consciousness that dwells within you. I am the same God of all times who resides in your heart and in the hearts of all in this world. My love encompasses everything, which is why, my daughter, I desire for you to return to me. 

I am always with you, and my presence frees you from worries, blesses your day, and grants you the joy of the prosperity and peace you so desire. 

But your mind fails to focus on me, your mind does not remember me enough to receive the blessings of my presence. Your mind is like a radio that never stops talking and keeps thinking negatively. 

Doubt and fear assail you, which is why you must tie your mind with the rope of my sweet name. 

You will experience infinite happiness. 

Call me as you wish, I am and always have been the same God who dwells in everyone, in all times. 

You can affirm your divine essence with a mantra or affirmation, you can sing a praise, or simply recite a prayer. The most important thing is that your mind begins to receive those high-frequency stimuli and your thoughts begin to purify. 

At first, the bad habit of thinking negatively will be present, but with time, you will achieve focus in such a way that you will experience infinite happiness. 

The repetition of the divine name, through singing, affirmation, or mantra, eventually grants the focus on God that you so desire. 

With love, the God who is present in the entire universe. 

At that moment, I opened my eyes, with the happiness of knowing that you are there to guide me, and that I just need to remember you. 




Date: 4 Feb, 2024

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Yuly Manzanilla

My name is Yuly Manzanilla, I am an enthusiastic writer and a mother of three children. I am deeply in love with the spiritual life, which inspires me in every word I write. My personal quest has led me to explore my own being, and just like you, I desire to make this world a better place to live.

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